We use EGO components, with advanced technology and long-term experience, EGO has launched generations of very modern, durable, multi-functional kitchen components, electrical accessories, and eco-friendly. field and noise reduction

In order for EGO-Group to continue to be a supplier and solve the No. 1 challenge for customers in the future, extensive measures have been taken. EGO established reorganized business divisions and the resulting product development, sales, and management divisions were grouped.
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schott-ceran glass for cooktop

The SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop expands your kitchen and possibilities – with technology that thinks ahead, making everything easier and more fun. And with a design that perfectly matches your personal taste. SCHOTT CERAN® is made for the everyday and holiday, small breakfasts and big parties, lifestyle and new experiences. It’s simply made for you.

Canzy use Schott Ceran Glass for High-End Models link with EGO componets to build a full products. It’s match the require standard quality and advanced technology

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Half-Bridge technology

  • This is an inverter technology that uses “half-bridge resonant type IGBT inverter”, which converts the fixed voltage and frequency of the power supply into an adjustable voltage and frequency according to the intended use.
  • The Hafl-Bridge hemisphere circuit can both continuously heat at a low power of about 200-300W and can boost up to 3700W which the circuit usually cannot do.
  • Normally, if the kitchen is set to the lowest heat of 200-300W, the maximum power can only be up to about 2000W, or if pushed to 2400W, the maximum power level must be 600-700W.
  • Longer life and more power contacts than conventional circuits
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