• With the orientation of sustainable development, President Phi Thanh Hoa has actively pursued the 3 Win business philosophy to ensure fairness in terms of rights, obligations and responsibilities to the 3 parties involved.
• Self-benefit, people-benefit, social benefit is the philosophy that governs all calculations and activities of Canzy. That is the power that makes key employees, customers Close users and agents, foreign suppliers and domestic partners have been with the Company since its establishment until now.
• The 3-win philosophy is also a guideline to shape the lifestyle and behavior of all members of Canzy, in order to create a responsible and committed team to keep fairness for themselves as well as for the parties. relate to


• Canzy chooses to serve families by providing imported kitchen equipment, using high technologies to meet the wishes of families.
• Canzy constantly uses the most advanced technologies such as B4, G5 for high-end induction cooker product lines and pursues the application of environmentally friendly technology.
• Thanks to the trust and interest of customers across the country, Canzy has constantly developed and expanded the market across the country and exported to countries in the ASEAN region