Canzy faucet : The perfect combination for every kitchen

New product model CZ 802 Faucet, faucet body and hose are made of copper to ensure no rust or dirt on the body of the hose. Threaded tube ½ 60cm long makes it possible to wash all areas on the sink, Ni code thicknesses: 8-10mm, Chromium 0.2-0.3mm, glossy color does not stick. Not stopping there, Canzy equips CZ 802 faucet with 3 water lines including: hot water, cold water, filtered water to ensure all your needs.

New product model CZ 802 . Faucet

Along with that is the 8245HB washbasin model, which is a model that is very popular in the Vietnamese market because of its convenience, luxury, and durability. With pots made of stainless steel 304 resistant to weather and water corrosion, frame thickness 4mm, bottom thickness 1.2mm. Anti-scratch plated surface ensures the product is always bright white. Drain set made of plastic and stainless steel 304 is easy to clean and drains very quickly.

 Sink model 8245HB

With a set of 2 products on Canzy confidently will create a new space for every family’s kitchen. Canzy’s basin faucet products with top quality are assured to use, the rate of technical defects and warranty is only about 1%. The water pressure is calculated very carefully, so it makes people feel comfortable without fear of being shot. 

Besides, Canzy basin faucet products have a price that is completely suitable for each family’s financial ability, and the product is warranted for a period of 36 months to help people feel secure when using Canzy basin faucet.

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