Canzy oven CZ – 11EB: A new experience for the family kitchen

As a product that is very popular in the market because of its stability as well as the mid-range price that can be met by most consumers, the built-in oven CZ – 11EB is suitable for any space, bringing the ” new experience” for the family kitchen

The CZ-11EB oven product includes 11 functions:

– Quick grill with fan and bottom grill: The function helps to bake the products that have been baked on and baked at high temperature

– Quick baking: In order to bake products with browned sides, creating designs for products 

– Convection fan: In order to bake large products, heat convection is required to evenly cook all sides of the product

– Quick baking combined with convection: For baking cooled products or thin foods

– Quick baking combined with baking from the top: To bake all the products that need to be colored on top

– Bottom grill: Suitable for slow cooking or heating food 

– Fan-assisted quick baking: Helps create a quick heat source and blow evenly around the product

– Convection baking: The oven is baked in the traditional way, heat is radiated from the top grill and bottom grill.

– Grilled with fan support: The heat from above will be blown directly by the fan to the top of the dish, suitable for coloring the surface of the dish.

– Bottom grill with fan support: The heat from the bottom will be blown directly to the underside of the dish by the fan, suitable for baking delicate dishes.

– Convection grill with fan support: allows heat convection between the top grill and the bottom grill to help food cook evenly, suitable for grilling whole or large dishes

– Defrost: The fan will operate (without using heat) to thaw frozen food.

Design drawing of built-in oven Canzy CZ – 11EB

Besides the function to set the cooking time, the cooking process will be started and the time will count down. After the time has elapsed, the cooking will be paused with an alarm signal.

Canzy oven is a combination of tempered glass, insulation. The shell is made from heat-insulating aluminum, which is always safe for users. Oven capacity up to 60L, baking temperature from 500C – 2500C, ensures to bake all the food you want. With a product size of 595x590x572mm, the 60L product has a compact design, soft lines with black glass to make the product more attractive to create an open space for your family.

Canzy high-end ovens are specially designed to be safe according to European standards. Canzy is always confident in its products, bringing customers the best products at the most favorable prices.

Canzy – Delicious in every meal!

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