CZ 607/609 curved glass hood: A unique highlight for every kitchen

The CZ 607/609 range of hoods is considered a brand product of Canzy because of its stable operation as well as product quality because it not only integrates the most advanced features today, but the product has a high level of quality. The average price can meet the needs of all customers. 

CZ 607/609 . curved glass hood
Features of CZ 607/609 . curved glass hood

The product is researched and designed with black stainless steel powder coating, the glass surface is equipped with a thickness of 7mm to help the product withstand high cooking temperatures when radiating. The product line is divided into two types with CZ 607 designed to be 700mm, CZ 609 designed to be 900mm, a glass width of 475mm to help cover the entire cooking area. 

The product is equipped with a twin Turbine engine with a suction capacity of up to 1000m3 / h, along with a 150mm wide straw to help the product push out the smell in the fastest way. 

Touch control function with 3 levels, LED display helps increase the luxury of the product, with remote control function gives you flexibility in using the hood. The timer feature helps you feel secure when going out without having to worry about turning off the hood, which will make the space airy when you come back. In addition, the product uses a 5-layer aluminum grease filter to protect the machine thoroughly, along with activated carbon deodorizing to return fresh air to your family.

The hood CZ 607/609 converges all the elements that Vietnamese families need to use. Canzy confidently will help you have a warm meal with family and loved ones.

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