CZ 884D Bowl Dryer : Cherish every meal

CZ 884D dish dryer has a rectangular design with 2 drawers, the capacity of the machine is up to 60l, helping your family to accommodate 10-12 people to eat. The product is designed to hang on the cabinet to make it easy to use as well as convenient for cleaning the product. 

CZ 884 dish dryer uses Ozone sterilization technology in the first 10 minutes to remove pathogenic viruses as well as chemicals left on the bowl. After that, 20-30 minutes of running the dry mode, the temperature in the dryer is from 50-1250C to ensure drying of all products in the machine, and finally, using a 25% energy-saving ultraviolet lamp to completely eliminate bacteria remaining on dishes. 

Canzy’s new product: CZ 884D . dish dryer

Besides, the electronic control mode helps you easily control the temperature as well as the level of power consumption in the product, the capacity of the machine is only 500w/h with over-temperature and over-voltage mode, automatically disconnecting the power. ensure the most stable operation of the machine.

With a compact size of 795x373x395, the surface of the glass is bright aluminum, tempered glass, heat resistant, and the shell is electrostatically painted to be safe for consumers. Inside the machine, there is a stainless steel dish rack with more spacious and convenient equipment compartments that will bring you a sense of luxury and aesthetics to your kitchen.

Detailed product drawings CZ 884D bát dish dryer

To keep up with the trend of society, Canzy has constantly improved and improved product quality, service quality and perfect after-sales services. In order to bring Canzy dish dryer to every customer with the fastest and quality products, to be able to satisfy all customers even the most demanding customers.


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