Introducing the CZ 999 hood The pinnacle of art

The CZ 999 hood is an independent hanging hood with a unique and artistic design. Not only that, it carries in itself the most outstanding and advanced features today.

With a design to be hung from the ceiling and a low height chosen by the family, the product can be flexible in your kitchen. In particular, the CZ 999 product is made of artificial stone material wrapped around the product to make the product luxurious, the body is painted with high-grade Ceramic-coated Anodize technology that is resistant to shocks and scratches, very easy to clean. cleaning.

An outstanding feature that cannot be ignored is the ability to control this product by Bluetooth, which helps you to connect to the product via your phone, can do many things at the same time without having to go near the machine. odor absorption. The product also integrates mechanical keys to support when you are not holding the phone in your hand so you can flexibly use it in any position.

The hood is equipped with 2 super bright and energy-saving LED lights according to European standards. The CZ 999 hood is equipped with a 5-layer aluminum grease filter and a mode to naturally absorb odors or deodorize with activated carbon. With a suction power of 1400 (m3/h) to ensure the removal of odors from your room quickly. The product runs smoothly with a noise level of less than 45DB, creating a feeling of quietness and focus on cooking. The compact product size of 526x380mm makes your home kitchen more airy. 

With a warranty period of up to 24 months for the circuit of the hood and 06 months for the activated carbon, the CZ 999 hood has all the elements that Vietnamese families need to use. Canzy confidently will help you have a warm meal with family and loved ones.

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